Gamma Nano Auto Anticorrosion Lubricant




GAMMA NANO Auto Anticorrosion Lubricant products have powerful waterproo ng, anticorrosion, lubricating and penetrating properties. Our product protects movable parts from freezing at temperatures up to – 80°C.
In contrast to so-called “liquid keys”, “lock thrawer” and “insulating sprays”,  GAMMA NANO is isopropyl alcohol, ethylene glycol and white spirit free, does not evaporate, does not require any additional cleansing or lubricating. By displacing moisture, GAMMA NANO lubricates mechanisms.


Protects components and aggregates from all kind of moisture (steam, humidity, condensate, fog, splashes, acid rains, salt and chlorinated water, sulphuretted hydrogen, chloride, chlorine-containing gases, etc.).

  • Penetrates under layers of rust and facilitates cleansing.
  • Stops corrosion processes.
  • Releases the rust details.
  • Helps to easily turn o bolts, nuts, and other screwed connections.
  • Prevents parts from squeaking.
  • Protects from scratches and fractures on the metal surfaces from corrosion (the surface applied with GAMMA NANO Auto Anticorrosion Lubricant can be prepared for painting by removing a protecting coating with any circuit plate cleanser,
    brake cleanser or alcohol).
  • Prevents freezing of moving mechanisms (locks, doors, car trunks).
  • Provides stable operation of equipment in winter.
  • Improves the condition of rubber gasket of doors, car trunks.
  • Has high penetration rate and is indispensable for lubricating of chain gears (motorcycle, bicycle) and hard-to-reach mechanisms.
  • Is e cient for preservation of screwed connections, bearings and moving parts, and also metal details during their storage on the open-air sites.
  • Is e cient for drying of bearings and hard-to-reach mechanisms.
  • Allows to drive a car and to use mechanisms in various climatic conditions.


  • Service, repair, revitalization and preventive measures of the following equipment: wheel bolts, nuts, and other screwed connections; mechanisms of locks, doors, car trunks; chain drivings (motorcycle, bicycle) and hard-to-reach mechanisms; rubber gasket of doors, boot, bonnet; lubricating of the bearings.
  • Treatment of the scratches, fractures and dents on the car body before repair.
  • Preservation of the screwed connections, connectors, bearings, movable parts, metal details during their storage on the open-air sites.
  • Pre-sale preparation of vehicles.
  • Provides the start of electric equipment after it’s been washed.


  • Builds water proof and water repellent coating.
  • Completely displaces moisture from the applied surface.
  • Due to powerful capillary e ect penetrates inside units without dismantling.
  • Fills in microscopic cavities.
  • Maintains high elasticity.
  • Does not cause harmful e ects and does not destroy metals, plastic, rubber, glass, varnish, colors, and ceramics.
  • Does not dissolve in water.
  • Does not emulsify.
  • Provides dielectric strength of conductors.
  • Rubber, silicone, acryl, tetra uoroethylene and aroma free.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Apply a light coating to a small area to test first. Spray on surface from a distance of 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) or use extension tubes for hard to reach areas. Allow the area to dry for 30 minutes before use. One can for 27 sq feet.

CONTENTS MAY CATCH FIRE. CONTAINER MAY EXPLODE IF HEATED. Do not smoke. Do not puncture. Do not burn. Do not get in eyes. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Keep away from flames, such as a pilot light, and any object that sparks, such as an electric motor. Keep away from direct sunlight and do not heat up to the temperature above +500C. Store away from heat.

Developed on the basis of advanced nanotechnologies.

  • Shelf life: 5 years.
  • Made in Canada.


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