General Questions

Gamma Nano protective coating has dielectric properties which can improve insulation resistance and to prevent leakage. At the same time, the protective layer also improves the surfaces electric conductivity. The protective layer has moderate high dielectric properties. After applying to a surface, it cleans it, displacing moisture, and forms elastic protective coating, which does not harden over time. Within 24 hours electrical insulation properties of the surface increase, insulation resistance enhances. Moreover, the protective layer prevents electricity leakage and protects the surface against oxidation. After applying Gamma Nano to electric conductive contacts, their surface is cleaned, extrudes moisture, removes oxide and dust, and, therefore, electric conductivity improves. Because the protective layer thickness is only 2.5-3.0 microns, in the conductive contacts area current can easily pass.

For this information please contact our engineers.

Maximum surface temperature must not exceed +35°C, otherwise gas and flammable substances in the product will be ignited. Minimum temperature must not be lower than -40°C (if the temperature is lower, the product will be spread inefficiently).

Minimum temperature is -80°C (Gamma Nano prevents icing or freezing of metal), maximum +140°C (in about +250°C Gamma Nano completely burns out).

Gamma Nano can be applied when voltages go even as high a 100,000V. Gamma Nano will provide full protection against corrosion and oxidation.

Yes, you can. Remember, before applying paint you have to remove oil from the surface using any degreaser.

Yes. Painted-surface will be well-protected against moisture.

Yes, it should be removed. Since Gamma Nano contains high-quality fats, it does not let paint or coating dry properly.

When applying Gamma Nano to electronic devices (such as mobile phones, laptops, portable radio, radio, portable TV, audio equipment, etc.) to protect against moisture, oxidation and short circuit, it is forbidden to apply to:

  • LCD monitors
  • Monitor and the screen of the mobile phone
  • Phone's speakers
  • Laser and video equipment optics
  • Audio device speakers

Such electronic equipment disassembling, applying our product and re-assemble, is better to be done by the specialist.

Depends on usage conditions. In general, protection lasts from 1 to 3 years if there is no physical impact on surface (such as scratching, friction, breakage).

When a photocatalyst titanium dioxide (TiO2) captures ultraviolet light (UV) either from sun or fluorescent light, it forms activated oxygen from water and oxygen in the air. The formed activated oxygen is strong enough to oxidize and decompose organic materials, smelling gas, and kills bacteria.

Titanium dioxide is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium, chemical formula TiO2. Many studies have been published on the use of titanium dioxide as a photo-catalyst for the decomposition of organic compounds. After illuminated by the light, titanium dioxide produces hydroxyl radicals, which react with any toxic organic matter in the air to form non-toxic inorganic matter.

This function keeps the surface clean by decomposing organic dirt adhering to it or washing away dirt with water (e.g. rain) by its hydrophilicity.

The ingredient titanium dioxide is approved as a food additive and is widely used in food and cosmetic products. Most titanium dioxide used as a photocatalyst is in the form of fine powder.

Specific Questions

No, it can not. Gamma Nano does not cause any damage to metal, plastic, rubber, glass, coatings, paint, ceramics and electric motors.

Yes, Gamma Nano meets RoHS standard. Gamma Nano product does not contain any harmful or carcinogenic substances.

Gamma Nano products are labeled “extremely flammable” because they are sold in aerosol cans that contain extremely flammable propellants (propane and butane). Within 15 minutes after the application of Gamma Nano, Gamma Nano becomes non-flammable.

Yes, it is. Gamma Nano protective layer for a long time protects against sea water, salt, chemical reagents, and etc. Protective effect can be enhanced by applying Gamma Nano several times.

Yes, they have lubrication function. Gamma Nano is excellent lubricant for moving parts and mechanisms.

Yes, it can be used under the water. However, our product does not provide constant protection against electrolysis:

  • Equipment like paper capacitors, speakers and microphones with paper membranes absorb water.
  • Radio equipment can be used in water, but its frequency will change.


Do not apply Gamma Nano when it is plugged in. This product contains propane and butane, therefore it must be applied only to the unpowered equipment, following all security precautions.