Vision Statements

Welcome to Gamma Nano!

Gamma Nano introduces its five nanotechnology product lines: Electrical Insulation, Anti-corrosion Lubricant, Thermal Insulation, Deodorizer and Smart Phone Waterproof Kit. In total, our products will meet all your protective needs to eliminate corrosion and electrical problems.

Do you own an automobile, home, bicycle, boat, recreational/protective weapons, or perhaps a motorcycle and many more? Then you are in good hands and Gamma Nano has a resolution for you to keep your possessions like new!

Based on the laboratory experiments, in comparison to other similar corrosion proofing and electrical insulation products that exist on the market today, Gamma Nano is the only one that preserves its functionality even during multiple impacts thanks to the highly flexible coating.

Gamma Nano Anti-corrosion Lubricant and Electrical Insulation products that we offer on the consumer market were modified from the original Gamma Nano formula to fit specific conditions in which the products are to be used. We did not just develop a universal formula for the same reason you don’t treat your heart pain with medicine for your back pain.

For more detail about Gamma Nano products, please find enclosed our catalogues.

GAMMA NANO – our unique waterproof and anti-rust product line are specially developed for domestic and industrial use. Each product is based on a state-of-the-art advanced nanotechnology. GAMMA NANO brand is an innovative leader in protecting metal, conductive parts and electronic components against moisture damage.

GAMMA NANO – provides excellent waterproof and anti-rust performance as well as lubrication and penetration. After applying our product, old or new electronic equipment is going to work properly even in the harshest environments. GAMMA NANO ensures absolute protection!

GAMMA NANO – is the only verified and effective protection for the metal, conductive parts and electronic components against any form of water damage: like steam, humidity, dew, mist, spray, chlorinated water, salt water, acid rain, and even chemical fumes.

GAMMA NANO – 100% waterproof and anti-corrosive!

GAMMA NANO is a brand of FVTech Nano – the researching, distributing, manufacturing company of leading nano products that protect our environment safety and lifetime.

FVTech Nano is co-operating with Innovative Technologies Ltd to bring the best choices for our life.