About Us

FV Tech Inc is a Nano-based technology company with the head office located in Canada.  We are proud to be the main developer, manufacturer and distributor of GAMMA® NANO, trademarked in Canada and many countries around the world. It has been developed and manufactured based on core Nanotechnology researched and developed by top-ranked laboratories and universities in North America and Europe. In addition, our product has been tested and approved by numerous state of the art laboratories in Canada and European countries for its superior quality, which can be implemented in electricity transmission, defence, telecommunication, marine and other industries.

GAMMA® NANO has been expanded its markets in different continents including Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Based on core nanotechnology, the product has been developed to be eco-friendly and customised to meet a wide range of temperatures, humidity and other environmental conditions under different product lines.

We bring our projects in on time and on budget. That is our promise to you. Our solid business approach, coupled with the professionalism of our people, has led to our reputation for trust, ethical business dealings, quality and dependability. Our goal of meeting our customers' needs to their complete satisfaction has been rewarded with a large percentage of our work being with repeat customers and customer referrals. What you have seen or will see are products that were specifically engineered as an answer to a problem identified. The common thread is situational acceptance for the usage of coatings that have been proven effective against the most brutal treatment, coupled with ease of application and a long dependable life span that reduces the time with the lowest cost per year of maintenance service.

It is our vision and mission that to implement complex concepts of core nanotechnology to create more products that are easy-to-use and do-it-yourself while the product effect can be observed visually. Our product aims to increase machine age cycle, reduce the maintenance time, cost and labour; and increase machine dependability, which leads to tremendous cost saving to our customers. FV Tech Inc. has relentlessly striven for better products with better price to our customers!


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!